About Us


Premier choice Equine (PCEis the result of equine enthusiasts coming together that have trained, coached, and competed at the Highest levels and truly understand the toll it takes on your and your horse’s body. Our goal to bring to market the highest quality products to help both horse and rider feel their best.


Quenching your deepest thirst and fuelling your inner power, the importance of sustenance cannot be overstated. At PCE, we enhance every product we offer to cater to the demands of our modern age. Whether infused with the purity of nano CBD or full spectrum hemp extract, our offerings are designed to support a healthy and vibrant lifestyle in today's world, providing you with the energy you need when it matters most. Perfect for recovery, optimal for sharp focus, and instrumental in living your best life, our all-natural excellence is readily available whenever you require it.


When it comes to premium products that prioritize safety and effectiveness, Premier Choice Equine is unwavering in our commitment to delivering only the highest quality. Your body craves what PCE provides, utilizing natural nano technology that ensures easy absorption, regardless of the delivery method you choose.


We are driven by a higher purpose: to offer the most exceptional CBD products available in our modern age. It is therefore the responsibility of our team to consistently uphold the principles of purity. We are devoted to elevating our premium CBD products to make a significant impact in the world and in your life.


Everyone deserves something that uplifts and sustains, something so pure, refreshing, and compelling that it becomes an undeniable force to believe in. We invite you to join us in this extraordinary experience because everyone deserves the premium CBD that their body yearns for.